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How to Land a Good Digital Marketing Job in Dubai?

How to Land a Good Digital Marketing Job in Dubai?
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Dubai, being the economic hub of the country, boasts a vibrant digital advertising industry. 

As per a recent report, around 99% of UAE’s population are active internet users. In fact, there are more than 10 million social media users in the country. This proves that digital marketing has a lot of potential in the country and Dubai, being the most tourist attractive spot, offers a range of job opportunities. 

As per Glassdoor, the average salary of a digital marketing specialist in Dubai is around AED 15,000 with additional bonuses and perks. In fact, AED 10,000-15,000 is considered a pretty decent salary that will allow you to live a comfortable life in Dubai and perhaps save or send back to your family at home. 

So, if you’re looking for a digital marketing job in Dubai, this is the best time to climb the ladder. In today’s blog, we’ll walk you through the popular digital marketing domains in Dubai and a step-by-step guide to land your first digital marketing job in Dubai. 

Let’s get started!

Popular Digital Marketing Domains in Dubai

There’s no doubt that a digital marketer has to be a jack of all trades. S/he may have specialisation in say SEO but basic designing skills, content and copywriting will take their career to the next level. Why? Because when one is starting out, it’s better to grab the good opportunities that come your way. 

With that said, read on to learn the popular digital marketing trends in Dubai to understand which digital marketing skill is the talk of the town! 

1. Video Content Marketing 

In the fast-paced world that we live in, hardly anyone has time to read a long blog. (Chances are you’re also just skimming through the content to find something substantive). With the emergence of video content on YouTube, people became glued to their screens.

It allowed them to learn with visual representation, graphics and animation. Soon, short video content took the industry by storm.

Thus, if you have videography, content creation and marketing skills, and knowledge of social media marketing, you can expect a successful career in Dubai. 

2. Email Marketing 

Email Marketing has evolved exponentially over the years. Earlier, standardised emails were sent by companies to alert the customers about upcoming discounts and sales but not anymore.

Today, businesses send personalised emails that strike a chord with the audience and convert them into paying customers. If you have a knack for writing creative copies for emails, you can have a bright career in this field in Dubai. 

Want to learn email marketing? Check out our Email marketing course on the same and give wings to your career!

3. PPC

Another growing field within digital advertising is pay-per click advertising. Right from keyword research and placement to A/B testing, remarketing, bidding, and more comes under the wide umbrella of PPC advertising. 

If you’re keen on learning PPC marketing, don’t forget to check out our Pay per click course on the same!

4. Social Media Marketing

As per Statista, the AdEx in Dubai on social media marketing is expected to cross the threshold of $300 million by the end of 2023. Thus, SMM is a booming industry with high potential of employment opportunities for skilled marketers.

If you want to learn social media marketing, DG Institution’s Social Media Marketing course is your one stop destination!

5. Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads has been here for quite a long time. It still has immense potential for bringing sales to your business. However, it’s a hard nut to crack if you’re a complete novice in this field. 

Thus, our Google Ads course is designed to help you learn the basics as well as the intricacies of creating Google ads and finding success in this field. 

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a booming industry in Dubai. If you have an interest in working in this domain, there are various micro and macro influencer marketing agencies and talent management companies in Dubai that are looking for creative heads. 

Steps to Land a Good Digital Marketing Job in Dubai

Let’s see a step-by-step guide to landing your next digital marketing job in Dubai. 

1. Subscribe to a Good YouTube Channel

Although YouTube has launched its premium model, it still boasts of being the storehouse of the best and free online resources to learn digital marketing.

Following are a few best YouTube channels that are worth watching if you want to learn digital marketing! 

      1. Brian Dean

    The founder of Backlinko and the internationally acclaimed SEO expert, Brian Dean’s YouTube channel is as informative as his blog. His way of explanation, visual representation, and actionable tips are bound to make you fall in love with his channel. 

    Another important thing that you can learn from him is the importance of quality over quantity. He doesn’t post every week, but when he does he makes sure it’s worth the wait. You can find quality content on SEO, blogging, copywriting, YouTube SEO, and more on his YouTube channel. So, do check it out! 

        1. Neil Patel 

      Anyone who’s actively learning digital marketing might have come across this name, Neil Patel. 

      On his YouTube channel, he regularly posts industry insights, tips and tricks for beginners to kick-start their digital marketing careers. His free YouTube playlist on Content Marketing is a beginner’s paradise for learning digital marketing. 

          1. Moz