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About Us

About Us

Welcome to DG Training & Development Institute

DG Training is one of the best training institutes in Dubai. Our prestigious educational institution is located in the Barsha Heights neighborhood. We provide 40+ professional training courses both online and offline. All our courses are affordable, effective and accredited by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority).

We intend to provide learners with an opportunity that allows them to grow as individuals and professionals. Our courses are learner-centered and customized keeping in mind the latest updates.

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With KHDA accreditation and a reputation for quality in language instruction, computer courses, finance, management, and soft skills, DG Training is a leader in the field of education and training in Dubai. These courses are taught by Industry experts with over a decade of industry experience.

We think that education is the key to realizing one’s full potential. We aim to provide training in various educational fields to help candidates improvise their skills in the ever-changing world and race for competence. 

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What makes us different from other Institutes?

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Corel Draw Training in Dubai
As a student, I wanted to enhance my skills in graphic design. Taking up the Adobe Photoshop course was really beneficial for me. The training helped me gain strong fundamental understanding of the tool.
Celine Fernandes
Corel Draw Training in Dubai
I tried doing an online video editing course but found myself stuck nearly every time at something. So I enrolled with a DG Institution, the tutors were amazing and helped me through every issue i faced and now i am able to complete projects in days which i used to do in weeks.
Amaan Shareef
I enrolled in DG Training’s Excel training to improve my job prospects. The course not only helped me land a job in Data Entry. As the course progressed, the trainers also helped me explore numerous career options available for me.
Ali Ahmed
This Soft skills course was very helpful for me to boost my confidence. I developed exceptional communication skills. The trainers were very supportive throughout and helped me overcome my weakness.
Saud Shaikh
Corel Draw Training in Dubai
Hi, My name is Fatima Mohmed. I recently took up the Adobe Photoshop course from DG Training. The trainers and staff were very helpful and supportive. I learned a lot during my training period. The course is definitely a 10/10.
Fatima Mohamed
I enrolled in DG Training's Python course as a complete beginner. The instructors were fantastic, and the hands-on projects really helped grow my understanding. I now work as a Python developer.
Steve Johnson
Corel Draw Training in Dubai
I enrolled for the 3Ds max Course at DG Training Institution. The guidance I received from the trainers at DG Training Institution was invaluable. The flexibility in course timings allowed me to juggle my job while pursuing my passion for 3D Max.
Naseema K
Enrolling into DG Training’s IELTS Training course was one of the best decisions I made. The quality of training offered is amazing. I can see a significant improvement in my English skills.
Mustafa Khan
I loved the practical digital marketing coursework and the hand-holding experience at every point. We had very interactive sessions and our coursework was very interesting, especially the SEO part with keyword research tools. Also, the tutors are really good and friendly.
Fasih Uddeen
This Financial Accounting course really exceeded my expectations. The instructors provided a deep understanding of Financial statements and accounting principles. The practical exercises helped me gain better insights into the Finance industry.
Michael Davis

As CEO of Digi Institution, it is a privilege and an honor to speak for you and convey my most sincere thanks for your involvement in our educational institution. Digi Institution’s purpose is to be a learning lighthouse, delivering a comprehensive selection of courses that will help individuals cultivate their professional as well as personal interests.

I am a firm believer that education is the foundation of personal success and development. The key opens doors to new possibilities, broadens perceptions, and ignites desire. Our educational institution is committed to cultivating this study culture and ensuring that every student who walks through our doors has an exceptional educational experience.

We have confidence in our distinguished teaching staff who are specialists in their professions and passionate about passing on their knowledge to our students. They serve as dedicated coaches who go above and above to offer advice, support, and inspiration. Our faculty members are constantly looking for new ways to teach, ensuring that our courses stay dynamic and relevant to the shifting requirements of businesses and society.

At Digi Institution, we understand that education involves more than just four walls. Our goal is to create an enjoyable and fascinating place to work that encourages innovative thinking, critical thinking, and teamwork. Learners are inspired to explore their hobbies, challenge their limits, and achieve their full potential with bright class discussions, linking projects, and extracurricular activities.

It is essential to be flexible and nimble in the modern age. In addition to business and management, we offer programs in technology, the arts and humanities, and health sciences. Our constant goal is to adjust our ways to match the changing labor market needs and to increase our students’ abilities to thrive in their chosen fields.

Furthermore, we think that learning constitutes an ongoing process. The commitment we make for our students does not end with graduation. Our mission is to create in them a lifelong love of studying and a quest for knowledge. Through possibilities for professional progression, skill refinement, and promotion, our training and development programs ensure that our students remain at the cutting-edge of their industry.