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Corel Draw Training in Dubai

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Corel Draw Training in Dubai

DG Training offers the most comprehensive Corel DRAW Training in Dubai. Our course is designed to unlock your creative potential and enhance graphic design skills for all levels of expertise.

In our Corel Draw course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of this versatile software through hands-on sessions, mastering essential features and advanced techniques. You will be able to build a professional design portfolio and confidently tackle design projects with our interactive and engaging approach. 

Our training is led by expert instructors, who bring years of industry experience in CorelDRAW. DG Training’s hands-on sessions and practical exercises will guide you through the essential features and functionalities of CorelDRAW. From vector editing and typography to color management and special effects, you’ll master the tools that bring your designs to life. Furthermore, we’ll dive into advanced techniques and tips that will elevate your design projects to new heights.

Join our Corel Draw course in Dubai today to unleash your creativity and open doors to exciting design career opportunities.

Why DG Training?

# KHDA accredited
# Practical Training
# Free Demo Classes
# Job Assistance
# Courses taught by Industry professionals
# Available in Both Online and Offline mode

Accredited by : KHDA

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What is CorelDraw?

CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor developed by Corel Corporation. This graphic design software is used for creating precise and scalable designs and illustrations.

It is popular among graphic designers for its powerful tools in vector drawing, page layout, typography, and photo editing.

Corel Draw Course Features

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You can opt for our CorelDRAW Training course without any prerequisites.

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Course Overview

Learn various advanced CorelDRAW techniques on the CorelDraw Software. We are not just limited to theoretical knowledge; you'll also gain practical experience with us.

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Industry Experts

Our CorelDRAW Course is taught by Industry professionals with over a decade of experience to provide practical insights about the industry.

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Our course is customized for beginners and advanced professionals alike.

illustration used for Practical Experience for Adobe Photoshop Training in Dubai

Practical Experience

Our CorelDRAW Training course is designed to help our students gain hands-on experience with essential tools. work on real-world projects.

Adobe Photoshop Training in Dubai


Upon completion of the course, you'll receive a globally recognized CorelDRAW Certification accredited by the KHDA.

illustration used for Career Opportunities for Adobe Photoshop Training in Dubai

Career Opportunities

Our CorelDRAW Training Certification will open the doors to career options such as Graphic designer, web designer, freelancer, and many more.

What will you learn in Corel Draw Course?

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For whom is our Corel DRAW Training in Dubai suitable?

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Beginners who want to learn Corel Draw

Adobe Photoshop Training in Dubai graduation illustration


Students who want to improve their academic performance


Designing professionals who want to enhance their expertise

DG Training Vs Other Corel Draw Training Institutes

DG Training
Other Training Institutes
Free 1 hr session on Corel Draw
Top quality Study material
KHDA certificate
Flexible schedule
Online/Offline option
Practical Experience on Corel Draw Software
Economic Pricing

KHDA-Certified Corel Draw Course in Dubai

Enhance your graphic design skills with our KHDA-certified Corel Draw course in Dubai. DG Training provides you with a certificate by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) upon successful completion of the Corel Draw training. 

This KHDA certificate will be a valuable asset in building your resume. Employers hold a KHDA certification in high regard, as it represents a standard of excellence achieved through dedication and hard work. 

This certificate is not only recognized in the UAE but also in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Middle East. So, when you enroll in our Corel Draw course, we want you to know that you’re not just gaining knowledge, you’re making your way to a future where your skills will be respected.

KHDA Certificate for Corel Draw Training in Dubai


I wanted to switch careers and become a graphic designer. The CorelDRAW course from DG Training was a perfect starting point for me. The course covered all the basic as well as advanced topics. Highly recommended for aspiring designers.
Khalid Qasimi
Enrolling for DG Training’s Corel DRAW Training course was one of the best decisions I've made. The experience they offer is unparalleled and the learning environment is welcoming and conducive to growth. I went from being a complete beginner to creating professional designs in a few weeks.
Rafe Khan
This CorelDRAW training course is top notch. The trainers were highly experienced and the hands-on live experience made the course even enjoyable. Now I’m very confident with my CorelDRAW skills.
Esther James
I had no prior experience in graphic designing. With the help of DG Training’s CorelDRAW course, I discovered many advanced features and techniques. The course timing and pattern was adjustable as per my needs.
Talib Shaikh
I have taken many courses but the graphic design courses offered by DG Training are just out of the box. Not only were the basic concepts introduced, I also worked with projects that helped me gain confidence in my abilities.
Abdullah Al-Hamed

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Is the CorelDRAW course worth learning?

Yes, CorelDRAW can be worth learning if you want to enhance your graphic design skills. It can be a valuable skill set if you are interested in graphic design, illustration, and similar fields.

What industries commonly seek professionals with CorelDRAW skills?

Coreldraw skills can come handy in various industries such as Marketing, Fashion, Illustration, Product design, and many more. If you want to implement your skills in a particular industry make sure you have a deep understanding of the industry trends.

Do you provide a certificate after completion of the CorelDRAW course?

Yes, we provide a certificate upon completion of the course.

What are the career options available after completing this course?

There are various career options which involve graphic design skills such as Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Web Designer, Freelancer, 3D artists, and many more.

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