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Engg & Autodesk Courses in Dubai

Engg & Autodesk

DG Training Institution is a leading institute for Engineering and Autodesk Courses in Dubai, UAE.

We are leaders in training and development in Dubai, UAE. We provide comprehensive ENGG and Autodesk courses, including V-Ray, 3D Max, AutoCAD 2D and 3D, BIM package, Revit Structure, and Maya. Whether you're an aspiring 3D artist, an architecture enthusiast, or an engineering professional looking to upskill, our KHDA-certified courses will help you to unleash your creativity and excel in your career. 

Our Autodesk Courses are available in both
Online and Offline mode as per your convenience.

List of Our Engineering & Autodesk Courses in Dubai

Uncover a multitude of possibilities within the world of 3D design and visualization through our institute’s extensive training programs dedicated to 3ds Max.

AutoCAD is computer-aided design (CAD) software that helps architects, engineers, and construction professionals to create concise and precise 2D and 3D drawings.

BIM has changed how architecture and building tasks are planned, created, and then carried out.

This course is meant to provide you with a thorough understanding of Revit Structure and its applications in structural design and analysis.

This course is designed to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of Maya and its uses in three-dimensional simulation, animation, and visual effects.

Why Choose DG Training Institution for Engineering and Autodesk Courses?

KHDA-Certified Engg & Autodesk Course in Dubai

Upon successful completion of any of our Engineering and Autodesk courses in Dubai, such as V-Ray, 3D Max, AutoCAD 2D and 3D, BIM Package, Revit Structure, or Maya, you will be awarded with a prestigious KHDA certificate. Recognized not only within Dubai but also throughout the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and across the Middle East,

This certification is a testament to your proficiency in engineering and design technologies. Holding a KHDA certificate not only validates your skill set but helps in unlocking a variety of opportunities. Respected in the industry, the KHDA-Certified Autodesk course sets you apart, positioning you as a standout professional in a competitive market.

Increase your career prospects with the recognition and credibility that come hand in hand with our KHDA-Certified engineering and Autodesk courses.

Engg & Autodesk KHDA certificate

DG Training Vs Other AutoDesk Training Institutes

DG Training
Other Training Institutes
Free 1 hr session on Autodesk
Free Study material
KHDA certificate
Flexible schedule
Online/Offline option
Practical Experience on all Autodesk Softwares
Economic Pricing


I enrolled for the 3Ds max Course at DG Training Institution. The guidance I received from the trainers at DG Training Institution was invaluable. The flexibility in course timings allowed me to juggle my job while pursuing my passion for 3D Max.
Naseema K
I'm incredibly grateful for the flexibility offered on the Autodesk courses by DG Training Institution. As a working professional, I appreciated the ability to opt for online or offline classes to suit my hectic schedule. The AutoCAD 2D and 3D course was exactly what I needed to enhance my skills.
Aliyah Khan
I chose DG Training Institution because Maya training was a game-changer. The small batch size created an interactive learning environment, and the trainers' support was great & also inspired my career journey in 3D animation.
Waseem Iqbal
DG Training's engineering courses were really helpful because they equipped me with essential knowledge and skills for a successful career in the field. The Autodesk courses were incredibly practical, allowing me to master industry-standard software tools with ease.
Rashid Umar
I can't recommend DG Training's engineering and Autodesk courses enough. The instructors were very supportive, and the hands-on approach made learning complex concepts enjoyable.
Sultan Ahmed

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide certificates with your courses?

Yes, Upon successfully completing the Engg & Autodesk courses you will receive a KHDA-certified course completion certificate that is recognized and valued, helping you showcase your expertise to potential employers or clients.


Is Autodesk in demand in Dubai, UAE?

Absolutely, Autodesk and engineering courses are in high demand in Dubai, UAE. The construction, engineering, and design industries are thriving, and professionals with expertise in Autodesk and engineering software are sought after for various projects and roles.

What sets your trainers apart from others?

Our trainers stand out with over a decade of industry experience. They bring real-world knowledge and insights into the classroom, ensuring that you receive practical, hands-on education.

What is the enrollment process like?

Enrolling in our engineering and Autodesk courses is straightforward. Simply visit our website, and fill up the form on the course page of your choice. Our friendly trainers will connect with you at the earliest. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.


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