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Excel Basic Training in Dubai

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Excel Basic Training in Dubai

DG Training offers the best excel training in DubaiMicrosoft Excel has grown into an essential tool for professionals in an array of industries in the modern digital age. 

Having a firm grasp of Excel is essential for increasing productivity, simplifying procedures, and making data-driven choices, whether you’re a business analyst, financial planner, or office administrator.

Our basic excel training course in Dubai is designed to provide you with the fundamental skills required to use and navigate Excel efficiently. Be ready to jump right into practical exercises and real-world scenarios that will improve your understanding and Excel competence since we believe in a hands-on approach to learning.

You will acquire an understanding of spreadsheet development, design, and modification during this course. We’ll cover key tasks such as inputting and modifying data, doing computations using formulae and functions, sorting and filtering data, making charts and graphs to display data, and much more. Additionally, you’ll learn time-saving methods, shortcuts, and productivity-boosting advice.

Our skilled Excel professionals are passionate about equipping people like you with the abilities needed to flourish in today’s data-driven society. They will lead you through each class, explaining things in detail and providing you with tailored support as needed. Feel free to communicate with other students by participating in conversations and asking questions. We support active learning.

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Accredited by : KHDA

What Will You Learn in our Excel Training Course?

You will have a solid basis in Spreadsheet and the trust needed to handle common tasks with effortlessly by the time you finish this Basic Excel course. You will be given the abilities needed to produce spreadsheets with an official look, analyze data quickly, and communicate your conclusions in a comprehensible and appealing way.

Excel is a flexible tool that has the ability to entirely alter the way you approach data. Prepare yourself to reach its full potential and earn a competitive edge in your career by doing so. Let’s go out on this educational journey together and understand how powerful Excel is!

Who needs our Excel Course in Dubai?


Our Excel course will help you gain skills which will prove invaluable for data analysis and presentation while working on assignments or projects

IT Professionals

Excel is an essential tool for IT experts to manage data, create reports, and automate

Finance Professionals

Our excel course will help you enhance your financial expertise. Learn financial analysis, budgeting, and modeling skills with

Business Owners

Running a business involves managing data, finances, and operation. Excel proficiency is a must for making informed decisions.

KHDA-Certified Microsoft Excel Course in Dubai

Become proficient in data analysis and spreadsheet management with our KHDA-certified Microsoft Excel course in Dubai. 

You’ll receive a KHDA-endorsed certificate upon completion of the MS Excel training showcasing your expertise in Excel. This certification is respected not only in the UAE but also in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the broader Middle East.

Enroll in our Microsoft Excel course to enhance your skills and open doors to opportunities where your proficiency is highly regarded.

KHDA Certificate for Excel Basic Training in Dubai

DG Training Vs Other Microsoft Excel Training Institutes

DG Training
Other Training Institutes
Free 1 hr session on Microsoft Excel
Top notch Study material
KHDA certificate
Flexible schedule
Online/Offline option
Practical Experience on Excel Projects
Economic Pricing


I highly recommend this excel course to every beginner. It is an absolute gem. I went from an Excel noob to confidently using advanced functions with ease. Thanks to all the trainers for their patience and support.
Hassan Al-Mansoori
I enrolled in DG Training’s Excel training to improve my job prospects. The course not only helped me land a job in Data Entry. As the course progressed, the trainers also helped me explore numerous career options available for me.
Ali Ahmed
This Excel training course definitely stands out from others. What impressed me the most was the hands-on training offered on various topics such as Lookups, pivot tables, and many more.
Kareem Farid
As a beginner, I was intimidated by numbers and excel, but DG Training’s Excel Course made it approachable and fun. The instructors are very helpful and the course material provided was top notch.
Rajiv Gupta
As a financial modeler, Excel is an important tool in my everyday life. I wanted to enhance my skills, which is when I stumbled across this Excel course in Dubai. The course covered all the advanced topics expected which helped me increase my proficiency in excel.
Ayesha Khan

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