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IELTS Course in Dubai

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IELTS Course in Dubai

DG Training offers the best IELTS preparation course in Dubai. We have an experience of more than a decade of IELTS coaching in UAE.

We take a unique approach to the training of our students. Our trainers assess your strengths and weaknesses to create a customized study plan for your IELTS Preparation training. 

We conduct periodic tests (similar to the real one) to evaluate your progress and make relevant changes to the study plan. This strategy helps us improve our student’s performance for each section of the exam i.e. Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. 

We have already trained thousands of students to successfully score a great IELTS band. For more details, fill in our inquiry form. We will get in touch with you!

Why DG Training for IELTS Classes?

# KHDA accredited 
# Free Demo Classes
# Customized Study Plan
# Courses taught by Industry professionals
# Available in Both Online and Offline mode

Accredited by : KHDA

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What is IELTS?

IELTS also known as the International English Language Testing System is a universally accepted score that measures English language skills. It is for non-native speakers to test their language capability. 

Many educational institutes, employers, and government agencies accept this language widely as proof of the English language for their recruitment or admission procedures. IELTS is graded as one of the most reliable indicators of a candidate’s language. To know more about the IELTS exam, please check out our detailed guide on it.

Why choose DG Training's IELTS Coaching in Dubai?

Our IELTS preparation course is divided into different segments like listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This is suitable for anyone and there are no prerequisites. 

We will prepare you with IELTS test procedures and format, different strategies, and skills to crack the IELTS academic tests. We offer 2 realistic mock tests which are very similar to the real exam.

Additionally, this course will improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills which will help you to score and hit academic and professional goals. 

In DG Training land, we can classify the preparation into IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic Training. Both of them have different purposes, the former course is helpful if you are looking to migrate and the latter one is for academics. 

Furthermore, DG Training is an official IDP IELTS test center in the UAE. If you take the test at our center, we will offer you an additional 4 hours of free personal training on your exam week. This extra prep will further strengthen you for the actual test.

IELTS Preparation Course Highlights

IELTS Preparation Training in Dubai

IELTS Test Types

There are two types of IELTS tests. DG Training and Development Institution offers IELTS coaching in
both trials to fulfill your needs

IELTS General

IELTS General Training is for people who wish to live and work abroad in an English-speaking country. It focuses mainly on assessing a person’s proficiency, confidence and comfort when communicating in English in daily situations that they are likely to encounter in a native Englishspeaking environment

IELTS Academic

The IELTS Academic test on the other hand is for students who are interested in pursuing their higher education overseas. Hence, it is designed to assess whether a test taker is ready and able to use English as a medium of study.

Three parts of the IELTS test

Part 1: Speaking and Writing



Part 2: Reading

Part 3: Listening

Who should join our IELTS Classes?

Icon for International students

International Students

Students who dream of pursuing higher education in countries like Canada, UK, Australia. IELTS is a mandatory test to fulfill the admission requirements. A strong IELTS band score of 7.5 and above will help you get the spot in your dream University.

Icon for Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Professionals who want to secure a good job abroad often need to take the IELTS General Test. This test is mandatory for such people to prove their English Language

Icon for Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Doctors who wish to practice their profession in the West have to demonstrate their English language skills with the IELTS
test result.

Icon displaying text in two languages

Language enthusiast

If you are someone who wants to improve their command on the English language, enrolling into a IELTS course will help you further improve your proficiency.

DG Training Vs Other IELTS Training Institutes

DG Training
Other Training Institutes
Free 1 hr session on IELTS exam
Top quality Study material
KHDA certificate
Flexible schedule
Online/Offline option
Personalized IELTS training
Economic Pricing

KHDA Certified IELTS Training in Dubai

DG Training offers the best KHDA-certified IELTS Training in Dubai. You will be issued a certificate by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) upon successful completion of the IELTS Preparation course. 

Whether you are a student, job seeker, medical professional or a language enthusiast, this KHDA accredited IELTS course certificate will have a great impact on your profile. 

This certificate is well-respected not just in Dubai, but also in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Middle East. Wait no more! Choose excellence in education with DG Training.

KHDA Certificate for IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai


I highly recommend DG Training for IELTS preparation. The teachers were very supportive and helped me create a personalized plan which made me score 7.5 band in IELTS.
Nasser Jamal
What I loved about this IELTS course in Dubai is the flexibility it offers. I was able to achieve a very good score with a few months of training. The mock tests truly helped me prepare for the final IELTS exam.
Zaid Mohd
I used to be very nervous about the speaking part of the IELTS exam. The trainers helped me boost my confidence and provided me with a personalized plan to improve my speaking skills.
Tanmay Murali
Enrolling into DG Training’s IELTS Training course was one of the best decisions I made. The quality of training offered is amazing. I can see a significant improvement in my English skills.
Mustafa Khan
I passed my IELTS exam with an overall score of 8 band. The tips and strategies recommended by trainers were very helpful. Thanks to them, I achieved the score needed to apply for my dream university.
Jessica Fernandes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IELTS Preparation course?

An IELTS preparation course is a specialized training program designed to help individuals enhance their skills in English language proficiency for the IELTS exam.

Is this IELTS Training suitable for all proficiency levels?

Yes, DG Training’s IELTS training course is suitable for individuals at various levels. Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, we will tailor this IELTS course as per your needs.

Are there mock exams included in this IELTS Training in Dubai?

Yes, mock exams are an integral part of our training. We will help you simulate real exam conditions, allowing you to practice and refine your test taking strategies.

Related Courses

Kids & Teens English for English is a test meant to assess children’s and teenagers’ English language skills.

An English language competency test that is widely accepted by Canadian governments, companies, and universities is the Canadian English Language Competency Index Program (CELPIP).

Australia, Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) accepted PTE Academic for temporary graduate, skilled, work and holiday, and former resident visa programs since 2013

This course is designed to help participants improve their spoken English skills in a variety of contexts, such as social situations, work, and academic settings.

The program is designed to set you up to be a future business leader, giving you the language skills you need.

The abilities and methods needed to effectively communicate in a business or professional context are referred to as business writing skills.

Writing creatively involves combining imagination, creativity, and artistic expression to produce written works such as stories, poems, novels, plays, and essays.

Individuals who seek to pursue higher education or a profession in countries where English is the primary language must prepare for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

It is a test that assesses the understanding and accurate application of grammar concepts related to written and spoken communication in the workplace.

The General English Test assesses an individual’s grasp of the English language. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and writing skills are all taught.

As CEO of Digi Institution, it is a privilege and an honor to speak for you and convey my most sincere thanks for your involvement in our educational institution. Digi Institution’s purpose is to be a learning lighthouse, delivering a comprehensive selection of courses that will help individuals cultivate their professional as well as personal interests.

I am a firm believer that education is the foundation of personal success and development. The key opens doors to new possibilities, broadens perceptions, and ignites desire. Our educational institution is committed to cultivating this study culture and ensuring that every student who walks through our doors has an exceptional educational experience.

We have confidence in our distinguished teaching staff who are specialists in their professions and passionate about passing on their knowledge to our students. They serve as dedicated coaches who go above and above to offer advice, support, and inspiration. Our faculty members are constantly looking for new ways to teach, ensuring that our courses stay dynamic and relevant to the shifting requirements of businesses and society.

At Digi Institution, we understand that education involves more than just four walls. Our goal is to create an enjoyable and fascinating place to work that encourages innovative thinking, critical thinking, and teamwork. Learners are inspired to explore their hobbies, challenge their limits, and achieve their full potential with bright class discussions, linking projects, and extracurricular activities.

It is essential to be flexible and nimble in the modern age. In addition to business and management, we offer programs in technology, the arts and humanities, and health sciences. Our constant goal is to adjust our ways to match the changing labor market needs and to increase our students’ abilities to thrive in their chosen fields.

Furthermore, we think that learning constitutes an ongoing process. The commitment we make for our students does not end with graduation. Our mission is to create in them a lifelong love of studying and a quest for knowledge. Through possibilities for professional progression, skill refinement, and promotion, our training and development programs ensure that our students remain at the cutting-edge of their industry.