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Importance of Social Media Marketing in 2024

Importance of Social Media Marketing in 2024
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In this blog we will discuss about social media marketing, and why it can be an important asset in 2024.

In today’s hyper-fast interactive world, people’s attention spans are getting shorter. Therefore, it is getting more challenging to hook an audience’s interest and convert them into paying customers. Creating a social media marketing plan is imperative.

Why? Contemporary marketers choose social media as a potent marketing tool to tell customers about brands and products. SMM offers an interactive way to engage with the audience while maintaining their curiosity.

Also, SMM delivers better insights into customers with a targeted approach. This is the reason why every industry is on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.). Social media & marketing is no longer a choice; it has become indispensable for all-scale businesses. 

What is social media marketing?

Using social networking sites to build business relationships with potential customers is comprehended as social media marketing. The purpose here is to

  • Create a brand
  • Raise sales
  • Make more people visit a company’s website

The tactics include sharing great content on social media pages, responding to followers’ comments, asking them how they feel about the posts, and running ads on social media.

Benefits of Marketing Through Social Media

Years ago, social media was seen as a platform for making new connections. Today, the significance of social media extends far beyond making connections. What began as a means of personal connection has evolved into a multifaceted marketing tool with numerous advantages for businesses. Let’s explore some of these advantages of social media in detail:


Unlike most other platforms, social media sites often allow a free business account, meaning any business can register. Moreover, as a primary social marketing advantage, paid advertising campaigns on these platforms are often less costly than traditional advertising strategies.

Bringing in New Clients

Social media gives businesses constant access to their clientele. Businesses can keep them updated through their posts on social media platforms. Persuasive content helps companies grasp these audiences’ attention and engage effectively. 

Staying Ahead of Competitors

Monitoring competitors’ social media activities provides valuable insights into their strategies. This enables businesses to refine their approaches without resorting to imitation.

Understanding Customer Buying Patterns

Another benefit of social media marketing is that social media networks provide a handy self-portrait of what target customers like and tend to buy. By identifying these trends, businesses can devise flexible marketing strategies to cope with the current business climate.

Building Relationships

Social media builds a two-way bridge between companies and their customers, thus creating trust and devotion. It allows customers to talk about their feedback and experiences and helps companies rethink, improve, or maintain the relationship between businesses and their audience.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Through engaging and creative content posted on social media, a brand’s existence is strengthened. This enhanced visibility, besides the fact that it cements a brand in the customers’ minds, also helps the brand to build a trusting relationship with the customers.

Boosting Website Traffic and SEO

Another benefit of social media marketing is that these platforms serve as the door that leads to driving traffic to business sites; consequently, the ranking of their websites in search pages and their overall visibility increase.

Sharing Your Story

Social media platforms come with a unique chance for companies to deliver a true story of the brand. Through telling their story, committing themselves to certain values, and expressing their vision, organizations build stronger bonds with their audience.

Tracking Progress

With the use of analytics tools, companies can track the effectiveness of their social media campaigns, gaining information regarding how the audiences engage with the ads beyond likes and clicks. This is information that companies can use to fine-tune their strategies and improve their result constantly.

Social Media Marketing Courses

To stay competitive in this online world, businesses need expert social media marketers to run effective marketing campaigns to achieve the aforementioned goals. Therefore, completing a Social Media Marketing course drives a person to a lucrative career field.

If you are from Dubai and want to boost your skills and become a social media expert, take social media courses from DG Institute. Apart from this, if you want to grasp a comprehensive knowledge in other facets of online marketing such as SEO, SEM, and PPC, then you can enroll for All Inclusive Digital Marketing Courses as well. You can earn a KHDA degree from these courses. This is recognized all over the world, and this recognition provides access to a wide range of job options. 


From budding enterprises to giant companies, having an SMM plan is super important to stay competitive. It requires the right set of skills and knowledge to manipulate different SMM tactics that drive expected results. By enrolling in KHDA-certified Social Media Marketing Courses, aspirants will enhance their skills and become sought-after candidates in the corporate world. 


  • What are the social media benefits and drawbacks in marketing?

SMM is economically effective, as social media companies provide affordable options for advertisement. In the second place, it reinforces brand loyalty by engaging with customers in a one-to-one manner. Furthermore, the platforms of social media provide useful data for research marketers and targeted messaging.

They also give room for word-of-mouth marketing, refined client segmentation, and avails access to customer-generated content. On the other hand, social media marketing needs time and money which can present a difficulty, and negative feedback or algorithm change could also be a problem. Also, calculating return on investment and the problem of privacy protection are significant issues to deal with.

Published: May 10, 2024

Last updated: May 10, 2024

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