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How Do You Land a Good Video Editing Job in Dubai?

How Do You Land a Good Video Editing Job in Dubai?
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If you want to land a good video editing job in dubai, we’ll walk you through various video editing domains and a step-by-step process in this blog.

Nearly 50 years ago, before the discovery of oil, Dubai’s economic landscape was predominantly centered around the pearl-fishing trade. But things changed, and now it’s a global business hub known as the “City of Gold.” 

No, Dubai didn’t get rich from oil like nearby emirates did. Instead, Dubai diversified its economy and built structures like the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) and attractive buildings to house various interchanges like media, tourism, innovation, development, shipping, and financing. 

Speaking about global employment scope, Video Editing is a lucrative field in Dubai. In today’s digital era, the popularity of video content has surged across diverse platforms, spanning social media to streaming services. 

This trend has led to an exponential rise in the demand for proficient video editors in Dubai. In fact, an entry-level video editor with 1-3 years of experience makes an average yearly salary of $11,060. If you want to kickstart your career in Video Editing, Dubai could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Video Editing Domains

Video editing is a real-world skill that transforms raw footage into compelling visual narratives. The field opens up various career paths to explore. You can find opportunities in industries such as film and television, advertising, digital marketing, corporate communications, and more. 

With video editing skills, you can navigate through different sectors, ensuring sustained career advancement. Some popular domains are:

1. Film Editor

Film editors choose and put together scenes for streaming presentations. They watch raw footage, read scripts, and talk to directors to make sure the final product matches the story. Some film editors visit film sets to understand scenes during shooting. 

2. Television Studio Editor

TV editors put together footage for different TV shows, like sitcoms or documentaries. They add sound effects, music, and special effects to make the videos entertaining.

3. Animator

Animators create moving images such as cartoons, 3d animation, and motion graphics for movies, TV, video games, or commercials. They draw characters, backgrounds, and scenery, using tools to make them move. Animators often use technical skills and software to bring their drawings to life.

4. Marketing Content Creator

Content Creators in marketing teams create engaging videos to promote products. They make ads, product demonstrations, and instructional videos. Working independently or in small teams, they follow brand guidelines to meet company requirements and represent the brand accurately.

Steps to Excel in Video Editing

If you want to become an expert video editor, then start today with these steps toward a golden future:

Subscribe to Inspiring YouTube Channels

You can simply set your foot on the ground by starting to watch some educational YouTube videos on video editing. In this way, you can attain valuable insights and tutorials on video editing from anywhere and anytime. Here are our favorite channels that can help aspiring editors in their learning journey.

  • Primal Video Run by two brothers, Justin and Mike, this is your ultimate destination for top-tier video editing tutorials and exclusive tips, tactics, and strategies.
Primal Video Youtube Channel
  • Teacher’s Tech If cinematic creations are your passion, Jamie’s channel has a curated playlist featuring a variety of video editing guides and software tutorials on cutting, trimming, adding effects, presentations, and storytelling.
Teachers Tech Youtube Channel
  • Think MediaRun by a team of content creators, this channel uploads weekly videos on video editing, camera tutorials, and editing software. Additionally, they offer a specialized course program, Video Ranking Academy, tailored for purpose-driven content creators aiming to excel in their careers through the transformative power of video.
Think Media Youtube Channel
  • YouTube Creators– For Videos, Shorts, Livestreams, Podcasts, or all of the above, YouTube Creators is your ultimate channel for video editing. Subscribe to stay updated with the latest tutorials and learn best practices and valuable tips to enhance your editing skills.
Youtube Creators Youtube Channel
  • Kevin Stratvert– Kevin, an ex-Microsoft Product Manager, goes beyond just offering tutorial videos on “how to edit” videos. He offers insightful guidance to help viewers master technology, build a strong professional life, and achieve academic excellence.
Kevin Startvet Youtube Channel
  •– They create tutorial videos on VFX, Editing, and Filmmaking using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. YouTube channel

Enroll in Video Editing Courses

Popular platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, and DG Training offer affordable certification programs in video editing. Enrolling in these courses not only equips you with practical skills but also enhances your proficiency in using the latest video editing software. You can explore training courses in movie, video, or media production for an all-around learning experience. Some top-rated courses for Video Editing are

  1. Video Editing Masterclass by Julian Melanson  This Udemy course offers a complete learning experience, guiding you through the step-by-step process of organizing, editing, and exporting videos. 
  2. The Complete Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Bootcamp In this 9.5-hour on-demand video course at Udemy, you will learn the art of video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro with Color Correction & Color Grading, and professional editing practices. 
  3. Mastering Final Cut Pro by Jason Cox and Nick HarauzThis course guides you through Apple’s Final Cut Pro for Video and Audio Editing. You will learn to create professional videos with transitions, effects, titles, motion graphics, color correction, 360 videos, and media management. It prepares you for the Final Cut Pro X certification exam and is developed by LearnQuest in collaboration with Apple Certified Trainers. 

Take Personalized Coaching

Even with online learning options, one-on-one coaching remains essential. Especially when honing skills like Video Editing. This personalized support provides individualized attention, with mentors not only teaching but also addressing doubts. One-on-one coaching allows for clearer understanding through direct conversations and real-time face-to-face interaction. Institutions like DG Training provide one-on-one coaching sessions for video editing in Dubai. DG Training has industry experts with over a decade of video editing experience who offer one-on-one support through small classes with real projects and regular assessments. The course focuses on 

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Adobe After Effects
  3. Advanced Editing Techniques
  4. Project-Based Learning

This coaching is ideal for those who want to excel as Content Creators, Filmmakers, Social Media Marketers, Advertisers, and Freelancers.

Recognized Certifications (KHDA)

When you are taking video editing courses, especially for landing a successful career in Dubai, make sure you are enrolling in KHDA-certified video editing courses. KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) certificate is a badge of trust and quality recognized across the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Middle East. KHDA-certified Video Editing courses provide a gateway to land high-paying jobs in Dubai. Employers value this certification, recognizing it as a standard of excellence attained through dedication. 

Self-Practice Importance

In the world of video editing, self-practice is the cornerstone of skill development. Engage in hands-on projects to build a robust portfolio that reflects your distinctive style and skills. Focus not only on technical expertise but also creativity in your projects.

Project Section: Building Your Portfolio

Crafting an impressive portfolio is essential for aspiring video editors. Include a diverse range of projects, from narrative storytelling to promotional content. Demonstrate proficiency in various styles, techniques, and editing tools. A standout portfolio is a testament to your versatility and attracts potential clients or employers.

Freelance Opportunities

Explore the vast landscape of freelancing platforms like Fiverr to leverage your video editing skills. Freelancing provides valuable opportunities to gain practical experience, collaborate with diverse clients, and showcase your talent globally. It’s a stepping stone for both exposure and building a solid professional network.

Crafting an Effective Resume

Tailoring your resume is important for video editors. Customize it based on job descriptions, emphasizing relevant skills, certifications, and standout projects. Highlight any internship experiences to showcase the practical application of skills. A well-crafted resume not only reflects your expertise but also increases your chances of landing your desired role.

Job Search Platforms

Once you have mastered the skill of video editing and gained considerable experience through freelancing or internships, now it’s the time to apply for high-paying full-time jobs at prominent job application sites like-

  • IndeedIndeed is a US-based job portal that also operates in Dubai. It not only lists jobs but also has company reviews. This helps job seekers understand more about the companies they’re interested in. The search filters make it easy to find specific jobs like Video Editor.
Indeed Job Site UI
  • Freshersworld Designed for freshers entering creative fields like Video Editing, this site serves as a launchpad for budding careers. It facilitates portfolio building and provides opportunities to apply for internships and full-time positions. The jobs posted on this site are generally legit, as the management follows stringent rules to deter scammers. 
Freshersworld Jobsite UI
  • Glassdoor Just like Indeed, Glassdoor allows employees to give reviews and ratings about their workplace. For job seekers, this provides real insights into a company’s work culture and management responsiveness. What makes it more beneficial is that this website offers an average pay scale of popular companies and organizations for specific job roles like Video Editing in Dubai and other emirate regions. 
Glassdoor Job site UI
  • LinkedIn LinkedIn is not like regular job portals; it’s a professional networking site. It operates uniquely, focusing on showcasing your work and opinions rather than conventional job searches. It provides a direct avenue to reach decision-makers and recruiters who frequently use the platform. But you need to spend time growing your network organically before you can benefit.
LinkedIn Jobs

Wrapping Up

From marketing campaigns to entertainment productions, video editing stands as a fundamental aspect of modern media creation. The demand for video editors is on the upswing in Dubai. 

Companies and individuals in Dubai now recognize the importance of high-quality video content for engaging audiences and promoting products or services. This trend points towards a promising future for video editors, both in terms of job availability and earning potential. 

Enroll in KHDA-certified courses and personalized coaching from reputed institutions like DG Institution to enhance your job prospects.

Published: January 25, 2024

Last updated: January 30, 2024

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