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Digital Marketing Salaries in Dubai

Digital Marketing Salaries in Dubai
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In this blog, we will discover various digital marketing salaries in dubai offered to top job profiles and the factors that affect the salary.

The digital age has surged, reshaping how we live and work. In Dubai, this wave of change has not only transformed lifestyles but also catapulted job opportunities. According to Indeed, the average digital marketing salary in Dubai is AED 58,535 per year.  This is considered as a decent salary and will allow you to live a great lifestyle in Dubai. 

If you’re looking to jump into the digital marketing domain, this can be a great time as the digital job market in Dubai is booming, with a predicted 25% growth over the next five years. 

Top Digital Marketing Job Profiles with Salaries:

Let us dive into the top digital marketing job profiles in Dubai. Below, you’ll find a curated list of digital marketing roles, each accompanied by a brief description and the average salary expectations. 

Job ProfileDescriptionAverage Salary (AED)
Digital Marketing ManagerPlans and executes digital marketing campaigns and strategiesAED 60,000
SEO SpecialistOptimizes websites to improve search engine rankingsAED 52,670
Social Media ManagerManages social media accounts, content, and engagementAED 62,327
Content MarketerDevelops and oversees content strategy and creationAED 56,842
PPC SpecialistManages pay-per-click advertising campaignsAED 49,763
Email Marketing SpecialistDesigns and executes email marketing campaignsAED 46,873
Content WriterWrites SEO friendly content for website, social media, blogs, YouTube, and moreAED 59,811
UX/UI DesignerCreates user-friendly website interfacesAED 52,428
CRM ManagerManages customer relationship management systemsAED 49,500 
E-commerce SpecialistFocuses on optimizing online sales and user experience
AED 43,326

We gathered these salary estimates from sources such as Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale, GulfTalent, and more. These figures may vary based on factors such as location, company size, and industry.

Factors that Affect Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai:

Age: Younger professionals may start at a lower salary, but rapid career progression often leads to increased earnings.

Experience: Seasoned digital marketers with a track record of successful campaigns often command higher salaries. Professionals with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing can earn significantly higher salaries. 

Qualification: Higher educational qualifications and certifications in digital marketing contribute to salary increments. A study indicates that professionals with KHDA accredited Digital Marketing course certifications in Dubai will help you advance in your career and land a better job. 

Location: In Dubai, the cost of living and industry hubs like Dubai Media City can influence digital marketing salaries, with higher costs often correlating with increased compensation.

Company: Company size and industry type play pivotal roles in determining digital marketing salaries, as larger corporations and industry-specific demands may offer more salary compared to startups. 

Market Demand: The market’s demand for specialized skills such as SEO, PPC, Email marketing can drive higher salaries for digital marketers .

How Can You Become a Digital Marketer?

Embarking on a digital marketing career involves gaining relevant skills through online courses, workshops, and real-world experience. Consider enrolling in comprehensive digital marketing courses, like the one offered by DG Training, to acquire a solid foundation in key areas such as SEO, social media marketing, PPC, Email marketing, and analytics.

Our Digital Marketing Course is accredited by KHDA and crafted to equip aspiring marketers with practical knowledge and hands-on experience. The KHDA certificate is highly recognised not only in Dubai, but also in Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East. 

Moreover, building a strong online presence, creating a personal brand, and networking with industry professionals are invaluable steps in your journey. Start your journey with DG Training today and shape a rewarding future in the world of digital marketing!


Is a degree necessary to become a digital marketer?

While a degree can be beneficial, practical skills and certifications carry significant weight in the digital marketing field.

How can I gain experience in digital marketing as a beginner?

Internships, freelance projects, and personal digital projects can help you build a portfolio and gain hands-on experience. You can checkout our dedicated blog for more details- Land a good marketing job in Dubai

Are there specific industries with higher digital marketing salaries in Dubai1?

Salaries can vary, but industries like e-commerce, technology, and finance often offer competitive compensation for digital marketing professionals.

Published: December 30, 2023

Last updated: January 3, 2024

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