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How to Excel in a Graphic Design Career in Dubai?

How to Excel in a Graphic Design Career in Dubai?
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The city of dreams, Dubai, is growing at a faster pace and so is its digital infrastructure. Today, almost 98% of the UAE’s population uses social media and as a result, there is a huge demand for graphic designers among businesses to give life to their online ventures. 

So, if you have the skills and willingness to work in the city of Burj Khalifa, Malls and Museums famous for their enticing architecture, this is the right time to get started! 

As per Indeed, the average base salary of a graphic designer in Dubai is AED 3,908 per month which is roughly more than 85,000 INR whereas the average base salary of a graphic designer in India is just 18000. Apart from this, you’ll also be liable to get bonuses, and in some cases TA. Moreover, as you gain a better foothold in the industry, there are high chances of earning 2-5x of your initial salary in the city. 

If this intrigues you, you’re in the right spot! Read on the blog to learn the trending graphic designing domains and how you can build a successful graphic designing career in Dubai. 

Let’s get started!

Popular Graphic Design Domains

If you’re wondering about the doors that learning graphic design skills can open for you, keep reading! 

  1. Graphic Designer 

If you have a knack for art and aesthetics, and understand colour theory, working as a graphic designer would be a fun and growing experience for you!

As a graphic designer, you’ll be responsible to cater to the various visual needs of your clients, from creating logos that represent their brands, to creating illustrations and layouts that strike and chord with their target audience. 

  1. UI / UX Designer 

Apart from the designing skills, if you are tech-savvy and have an understanding of user psychology and an interest in creating satisfying user experiences on the web and apps, a career in UI/UX designing would be very fulfilling for you.

As a user-experience designer, you’ll be responsible for developing wireframes and prototypes, running tests and getting rid of any hurdles that emerge while web designing.  

  1. Animator 

The demand for skilled multimedia artists or animators is on the rise and for the right reasons. Today, most businesses want to add vitality to their marketing campaigns and animators are their ultimate saviour for this task. By adding life to static art elements, animators can give life to any business. 

  1. Creative Director 

If you have team spirit and the ability to lead, along with an exhaustive portfolio of multiple creative projects to your name, you can work as a creative director. As a creative director, you’ll be responsible for setting the aesthetic goals for projects, be it ad campaigns, brand identity, magazines, videos or short films, games, etc and ensuring that the result meets the client’s needs. 

  1. Freelance designer 

If you don’t want to be bound by the shackles of a 9 to 5 job, you can be a freelance designer and offer your services to potential clients on a per-project basis or for a certain period by signing an NDA. In case you’re starting, freelancing can allow you to create a diverse portfolio that you can use in future to bag bigger deals. 

9 Essential Steps to Excel in Graphic Designing in Dubai

1. Subscribe to Inspiring YouTube Channels

Since YouTube is the free and most accessible way of learning any skill online, here are a few amazing YouTube channels that can help you learn the basics and intricacies of graphic design.

  1. Will Paterson 

Logos are not just a few symbols put together. Will Paterson’s YouTube channel is a haven for you. 

He uploads critiques of popular logos and shows how to use certain tools like Adobe Illustrator while designing logos. His bite-sized videos on trending topics can be an instant knowledge booster! 

  1. Satori Graphics

Tom Cargill, the man behind Satori Graphics, is an accomplished graphic designer and illustrator in the UK. On his YouTube channel, you can find an abundance of videos on logo designing, graphic designing hacks, basic to advanced designing principles and techniques, and video guides for using software like Adobe Illustrator.

The best part is that he focuses a lot on free resources that you use and incorporate into your designs to take them to the next level. 

  1. Design with Canva